New Single: "Time bomb"


“TIME BOMB” is a powerful and evocative song about the unexpected events that happen to us in our lives and how we adjust to them. It’s about finding ways to embrace our lack of control. Time bombs happen throughout life that entirely change who we are as people and how we exist in our world. If we continue trying to control or prevent big changes in our lives, we will get swept up in the “undertow” and never learn to embrace change as simply a piece in the complex puzzle of life.

"Devil in your eyes"


“Devil In Your Eyes” paints a picture of two lovers driving along the sunny California coast, living a wild and adventurous life. We all have moments of feeling truly free and weightless; doing things that excite us, with the right company by our side, can make life so exhilarating. When you feed into temptations of lust and adventure, you just might find yourself having the time of your life. This song is a piece of that excitement and brings to life the fast-paced, heart racing, thrill of adventure… the “thrill of the ride!”

"W O N D E R"


“W O N D E R” is one of the first love songs I have ever written. It takes place in the heart of a young woman who has found her first love at a time in her life when both she and the man she loves are just beginning their journey as adults together; pursuing their dreams and ambitions while struggling to find the balance between striving for their goals and putting the time into their love that it deserves. The song recognizes that the most fulfilling parts of life are the most seemingly insignificant and delicate moments that you share with someone you love –rather than the money or ambitions that we strive to obtain. Something as small as the light in someone’s smile can bring more joy to the heart than money or success ever could. It is meant to serve as a reminder of what is truly important in our lives.



The song is about how sunshine doesn't signify a new day for me as it does for most people; instead it cues in my time to rest. Night time is when I feel most alive. I have freedom to be and do whatever I want in the night, and that is why I spend most nights staying awake until the sun rises and the birds start singing. So when I hear the birdsongs each morning, it means that it is time for me to go to sleep and wait for night to return before I can feel alive and most myself again. The song is meant to be symbolic of the joy I find in my solitude at night contrasted with the chaos that I feel comes with the sunrise and birdsongs each morning.

Debut Solo single: "Shattered Square Clock"


"Shattered Square Clock" is meant to remind us that there is so much more than working day in and day out. Explore your passions and child-like excitement for life. Find ways to bring the things that excite you to the forefront of life. You don't have to take part in the cookie-cutter path that the world has shaped for you and guided you towards. Find what brings your soul to life, and do more of that.

Debut Album: "OUT OF YOUR MIND"

A note from Willa

During my time spent in pandemic isolation, I felt inspired to write an album based on the core themes of the human experience and how our understanding of these themes can better develop our psychological flexibility; helping us better understand the way our mind works, cope with our life experiences, and gain a new perspective of our lives as conscious and resilient human beings.

The concept of a shared human experience inspired  my creative process, leading me to officially begin writing, recording, and producing a twelve-song debut album. The album is based on a psycho-therapy called, "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy." This therapy accounts for a wide range of components of the human mind, including how we understand ourselves and the world around us. 

I used the therapy, and my personal experiences going through the therapy, as inspiration for the lyrics/messages of the songs themselves. While in college, I also learned how to write, record, produce, and master instrumental compositions that would complement and showcase these messages. Since a large part of the therapy is based on mindfulness practices, I incorporated sound healing (singing bowls, ancient gamelan, tablas, and binaural beats) into the album to help guide listeners into a more meditative and calm state of mind.

The album is meant to encapsulate the core ideas in the therapy: teaching us to be more present, accept things out of our control, separate our emotions/thoughts from reality, gain a new understanding of ourselves --free of judgment or expectations, learn to take action in our lives based on what we value, and how to figure out what it is that we value in the first place!


“Working with Willa on this project was a joy,” Bitensky says. “I was so impressed that she had such a vision for her album early on, and she worked on it with a tremendous amount of diligence, inspiration, and obvious fun. The results are remarkable.” - Larry Bitensky


“She wrote, recorded, and produced an album of significant depth and complexity, with genre-defying songs that are extremely engaging,” Bitensky continues. “I hope many others find her album both enjoyable and helpful as a therapeutic tool.” - Larry Bitensky


“It took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I've already added the songs to my playlists. It's inspired and motivated me to go after my goals. Such a beautiful album --every song!” - Emma Bingham



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