Riding Waves (Meditation Interlude) {NOTES}

Published on 20 June 2022 at 23:15

A crucial component of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (therapy that the album "Out of Your Mind was inspired by) is its basis in the discipline of mindfulness/meditation. A large part of the effectiveness of the therapy involves achieving a state of mind that is focused in the present moment. Among the most effective ways to achieve this present state, is through the frequencies produced by playing singing bowls and a similar meditative instrument called a gamelan. The intensity of these low-frequencies, produced by singing bowls and the ancient gamelan, creates a physiological relaxation-response, which effortlessly eases the listener into a state of relaxation and receptiveness.


With that in mind, a huge goal of the album was to learn to incorporate frequencies from singing bowls and the gamelan, into the music itself --in turn, inducing this meditative state of mind by simply listening to the music. By physiologically triggering this meditative state, the use of singing bowls and the gamelan in the album will enable the audience to listen to the messages behind the lyrics with a peaceful and receptive frame of mind, therefore improving the effectiveness of the therapeutic component of the album.